NEW UPDATE Tuesday, 3/31/20 NEW UPDATE Tuesday, 3/31/20

Hello Heroes. I just wanted to give you an update on donations and what we are purchasing in regard to medical supplies. Please watch the whole video. It will help spread the word about the need for PPE at our hospitals.

Shout out to Vincent Loo and Jane Li for donating this week.

I’m happy to be purchasing the following:

1,000 surgical caps
600 booties/shoe covers
48 pairs of protective glasses
30 pairs of protective goggles
300 face shields (possibly more)
2,500 KN95 face masks.

Totaling over $7,000 worth of PPE for healthcare workers.

I’m expecting most to be in by the end of the week.

Thank you all who have donated.

I’ll be taking pictures of the equipment when it arrives. I think I overpaid a bit on some but almost all of it was sourced from the US to expedite delivery.

Keep helping your healthcare workers. We need you.