Support A Update Wednesday 3/25/2020

I wanted to give you an update on what is going on at and thank those who donated.

I really appreciate all of your help.

-Donations To Hospital

Items Donated

Dr. Bryce and Amy Tsai – Surgical masks, Gowns, and Gloves
Kristina Valencia- N95 masks
Shannon Cachenaut- Gloves
Dionne Telfaire- N95 Masks
Kris Fikel- N95 Masks
Sean Moore- N95 Masks
Harbor Freight- N95 Masks, Gloves (We hope)

-Donated Money For Masks and other PPE

Dolores and Hank Guerrero
Kathy and Glen Sharp
Ellery Navarro
Lina Elefante
Aurelia Cuisia
Kara Ubillus
Kristina Khavalheim
Dionne Telfaire
Terry and Frank Flint

-Donated Money To The Red Cross

Jane Li
Jocelyn Campbell

-People Helping To Source PPE

Kathy and Glen Sharp
Eileen and David Ryan
Sean Moore
Kristina Valencia