Our Mission


Our mission at Support a hero.org

Your donations will be used to purchase supplies, equipment and materials to provide support to patients in this time of true crisis.

Why you should listen.

My name is John McManaman RN BSN.

I am an Emergency Room Nurse proposing temporary solutions that can buy healthcare workers some time against COVID -19 and I am backing this project with $5,000 of my own money.

I’ve been a Registered Nurse for approximately 10 years and work in the Emergency Department for Foothill Presbyterian Hospital in Southern California. A hospital in the Emanate Health System.

Healthcare workers across the world,like me, need your help

The problem

Currently, personal protective equipment (such as masks and gowns), ventilation machines, and medical supplies that are normally accessible are no longer easy to obtain due to supply chain issues and the global demand for these medical supplies.

Not to mention Covid 19 test kits are still in short supply.

Help is on the way from our governments, but we need to buy time.

Help is on the way from our governments, but we need to buy time before it is too late.

Why healthcare workers need these supplies

This situation, as many of us now know, is about LIFE AND DEATH.

This is not an exaggeration or hysteria.

It is also not going away for at least the next few months or longer.

Making life for all of us extremely challenging.

Hospitals cannot function without qualified staff that is protected and supplied with the tools that they need to save those in need.

Our hospitals and the employees, the nurses, doctors, respiratory therapists, lab and x-ray technicians, hospital administration and service workers, together, are about to be overwhelmed unless we provide the hospitals and their employees with the resources needed to succeed.


Supplies that have been ordered, will take weeks to arrive.

We need to think outside the box to help hospitals quickly and directly.

We need to be smart with the resources that we have and be resourceful in finding solutions to the problems at hand.

How you can help. quickly.

I am asking people and businesses to help in any way they can such as:

option 1

1. Directly donate whatever they can to their local hospitals at this time. Especially, N95 (respirator) masks that are being rationed at nearly every hospital.

They do not have to be specially made for hospitals. Any N95 mask will do, they can be from Home Depot or Lowes.

They look like this.


They can be from outpatient surgical centers, dentist’s offices, even Hollywood movies studios. It doesn’t matter.

They just have to be


Surgical masks are in short supply as well.

They look like this.


As we know, masks have been in short supply for quite some time.

However, we know the public and private industrial and biotech companies must have some supplies.

Being that our country is at a standstill at this time, I am pleading with industries and individuals, who have masks to spare, donate them to their local hospitals or hospitals that are in dire need.

How you can help - option 2

2.) In the spirit of thinking outside of the box, I am funding a “buyback program” for N95 masks and surgical masks with my own money and I am asking all those that are willing, to join me in the buy back program.

N95 masks were normally sold (before the crisis) at approximately $1.50 each on Amazon before the crisis. And surgical masks went for approximately 50 cents each.

I am willing to buy back masks that people are not able to afford to donate for free.

In order to do this, I am offering $5,000 of my own money to those of you who are not able to part with your masks for free.

**I am NOT asking for people to put themselves at risk by giving up the only protection they have. If someone is sick at home, by all means, keep your masks.

This is only if you can spare the supplies. If you have someone sick at home, keep what you need. **

I’m offering $1.50 for a new unused N95 mask and $0.50 for a regular unused surgical mask.

This could provide us with thousands of masks for hospital workers in need.


If you are not able to donate a mask or medical supplies to your local hospital, I encourage you to join me and donate to this fund so that we can turn 5,000 masks into 10,000 or more.

Click on the How You Can Help link to donate to join me.

How you can help - option 3

emanate health logo

emanate health 

3.) If your local hospital for some reason will not accept your donation, you can deliver or send masks to the Emergency Department where I work and my volunteers will get them to the hospitals most in need.

The address is:

Emanate Health – Foothill Presbyterian Hospital

250 S. Grand Ave., Glendora California, 91741

Attn: John McManaman RN

Emergency Dept. / HelpAHero.org

How you can help - option 4

American Red Cross

American Red Cross

4.) If you do NOT want to donate in this manner, that’s okay too.  If that is the case, then please donate to the American Red Cross through our other GoFundMe link.

The Red Cross works hand in hand with almost every hospital and is helping in countless ways, including testing, providing food and shelter, and blood donations.

You can donate to the Red Cross Fundraiser for COVID – 19 here. 

for hospitals in need

Hospitals needing Personal Protective Equipment and supplies and hospital employees that need help can post on our Facebook Group or Facebook Page what you need. Links are on the page or search.



Currently, Personal Protective Equipment (N95 masks, regular surgical masks, gowns, gloves, face shields, protective glasses, protective suits, booties, hand sanitizer).

Also, ventilation equipment / machines, medical supplies (medication, intubation kits, and lab equipment/resources for increased testing capacity are needed.

1.) Donate to your local hospital directly with supplies or a cash donation (ie Emanate Health Foundation, Kaiser Hospitals).

2.) Support us at Support A Hero.org and our GoFundMe campaign allowing us to purchase masks and medical supplies from the public for our hospitals in need.

3.) Send your donations or supplies to Emanate Health- Foothill Presbyterian Hospital.

The address is:

Emanate Health – Foothill Presbyterian Hospital

250 S. Grand Ave., Glendora California, 91741

Attn: John McManaman RN

Emergency Dept. / HelpAHero.org in Glendora, CA.

4.) Donate and volunteer to the American Red Cross from our site.   


– Join our Facebook Group. Support A Hero – Hospital Emergency Relief Operation

-Follow our Facebook Page. (@supportahero.org)

– Visit the website Support A Hero.org to see what local groups you can support directly.

one last note

I am one of many Emergency Room Nurses in Southern California on a mission.

Support A Hero.org – Hospital Emergency Relief Operation, as I’m calling it, is not a charity or non-profit. IT IS A MOVEMENT.

IT IS A MOVEMENT I am trying to start that will hopefully gain momentum and get other parts of the country (and other countries) to do the same.

And my questions to you now are… Are you going to help? Are you a business or organization that can help?

We are fighting biological warfare for you right now. Will you take action when we need you most

Reach Out To Us and we will promote your Covid – 19 charity, group, or organization as well.

God Bless and Stay Safe

John (Barry) McManaman RN BSN


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