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Foothill Presbyterian ER
American Red Cross

Donate to your local hospital

Directly donate whatever they can to their local hospitals at this time. Especially, N95 (respirator) masks that are being rationed at nearly every hospital.
Currently, Personal Protective Equipment (masks, gowns, gloves, face shields, protective glasses, protective suits, booties, hand sanitizer), medical supplies (medication, intubation kits, ventilation equipment) and lab equipment/resources for increased testing capacity are needed.

Donate to the american red cross.

If you do NOT want to donate in this manner, that's okay too. If that is the case, then please donate to the American Red Cross through our other GoFundMe link.

The Red Cross works hand in hand with almost every hospital and is helping in countless ways, including testing, providing food and shelter, and blood donations. You can donate to the Red Cross below.

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Donate to to help buy masks and other medical equipment.

In the spirit of thinking outside of the box, I am funding a buyback program for N95 masks and surgical masks with my own money and I am asking all those that are willing, to join me in the buy back program.
I am offering $5,000 of my own money to those of you who are not able to part with your masks for free. I'm offering $1.50 for a new unused N95 mask and $0.50 for a regular unused surgical mask.

Send your donations to my hospital.

If your local hospital for some reason will not accept your donation, you can deliver or send masks to the Emergency Department where I work and my volunteers will get them to the hospitals most in need. The address is: Emanate Health - Foothill Presbyterian Hospital 250 S. Grand Ave., Glendora California, 91741 Attn: John McManaman RN - Emergency Department at FPH and Or donate directly to Emanate Health Foundation -COVID 19 EMERGENCY FUND.

get involved

you can help

Join our facebook group

Join our group and let the group and the public know how we can help. We will do our best to make people aware of your situation.

Make a donation

Protect your local healthcare workers and patients by providing a donation.

Join our Efforts

Spread the word and share this site to everyone you know and ask them to donate. Share it on YouTube, Instagram, Snap Chat etc. Spread the word everywhere.

other groups and causes to help

Donate Medical supplies to your local Kaiser Permanente

N95 Masks and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Pomona Valley hospital is asking for disinfectant supplies

Donate Protective and Disinfectant Supplies


N95 Masks and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Masks, scrubs & gowns for NY methodist hospital

Masks, scrubs & gowns for NY methodist hospital

Helping with medical supplies in Brooklyn, NY.

Feeding Washington Hospital Staff

Feeding the UW hospital staff.

Feed the hospital staff at UW.

Help EMT Alan Yee with his hospital bills

EMT - Alan Yee is in ICU in New York.

Howard County Fundraiser

Fundraising for Hospital Staff In Howard County

Chinese American Parent Association of Howard County is organizing this fundraiser.

Sanitation kits for the homeless

Helping the minimize the spread of COVID 19 in the homeless population.

Feed the Heroes

feed the heroes
In ireland

Helping by feeding the Frontline in Ireland.

more to come...

Get In touch


Please do not call me at the Emergency Department unless you are a family member.   



John B. McManaman
Rn bsn

Emergency department

emanate health


I am a Registered Nurse in the Emergency Department in Southern California. I have a deep concern for you and my brothers  and sisters in healthcare during this difficult time.  The Hospital Emergency Relief Operation is the movement born out of that concern.  Our Governments alone cannot get us through this challenging time. We need to help each other, now, more than ever. 

You can reach me on Facebook or at